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We will continue to update our policies and guidelines to accommodate our attendees to the best of our abilities.

*Policies are subject to change.


Halloween Swingthing is committed to providing a safe, welcoming environment for everyone. To achieve this, we ask you to abide by the following code of conduct during the event. 

We reserve the right to handle any violations as we deem necessary, which may include ejection from the event without a refund. We also reserve the right to refuse admission for any reason.


Treat others with respect

We want everyone to feel comfortable attending our event, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, ability, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or other personal circumstance.

Social dancing should always feel safe. You are entitled to:
* Choose who you want to dance with.
* Choose whether to lea
d, follow, or switch roles during the dance (if your partner agrees).
* Choose to change partners for the next dance, dance again with the same partner, or take a break.

If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, touches you inappropriately, or hurts you, it is okay to say “no” or “stop.” You have the right to turn down an invitation to dance, or to stop dancing with someone who mistreats you or ignores your wishes. You do not have to give a reason. If someone says “no” or “stop” to you, honor their request. Never pressure anyone to act against their own feelings. If someone turns down your invitation to dance, move on. If someone refuses several invitations to dance, stop asking and move on. Thanking your partner will always be appreciated. However, unless someone specifically asks for feedback, never offer unsolicited advice, teaching, criticism, or comments about physical appearance. Be polite to our event staff, volunteers, and hotel personnel. Please comply with their requests.

No harassment of any kind

Harassment can be for many reasons and take many forms. At Liberty Swing Dance Championships, the why or the how doesn’t matter—harassment is not acceptable here.

Any offensive comments, hostile online communications, sexual propositions, unwelcome photography or videography, displays of sexual imagery, unwanted physical contact, physical intimidation, stalking, verbal abuse, disruption of workshops or competitions, or other harassment will not be tolerated.

If you experience harassment during our event, or notice that someone else is being harassed, please contact a member of our event staff right away, so that we can help put a stop to it.

Help keep others safe

We all love trying new dance patterns and movements, but be mindful of the inherent risk of injury. Any movement that increases the danger of hurting your partner (or other dancers) makes for unsafe dancing.

Avoid forceful movements that could cause an injury by yanking or jerking your partner, or making your partner move before they are ready. Avoid lifts, drops, or other dramatic weight-supported moves that your partner may not be prepared for. (For example, don’t suddenly throw yourself or your partner into a dip.) You never know when someone might be nursing a tender shoulder, bad back, or cranky hip. You also don’t know when your “tricks” could accidentally cause those issues for someone.

Be mindful of other dancers around you to avoid accidental collisions and potential injuries. Be especially careful when the dance floor gets crowded. If you bump into someone, apologize.

If anyone near you falls or is injured, please offer immediate assistance and check if they are okay. If you see that someone needs medical attention, contact a member of our staff immediately, or call the hotel operator and ask for the medical first response team. In an emergency, call 911.

Be a good citizen

Dancers of all ages and levels of ability will be at our event. You can help grow our dance community by welcoming beginners and demonstrating to parents that dancing is a safe activity for their children.

Don’t solicit our attendees for any cause (no matter how worthy), or sell any goods or services, if you have not received approval to do so from event staff.

Per state law, no smoking is allowed in any of the indoor public areas of the hotel. This includes e-cigarettes. Smoking is only allowed in designated outdoor smoking areas.

Do not attempt to sneak into the event without paying, damage or steal other people’s property, or give alcohol to anyone under 21. (This all goes without saying, but we’re saying it explicitly for the sake of clarity.)

We will report offenders to hotel staff (or the police) if necessary. We will ask hotel security to remove anyone who appears to be intoxicated or “high” and might be a danger to others, or who engages in disorderly or destructive behavior. Those who cause property damage will be personally liable.

Have questions or need help?

Please contact our staff member at the event registration desk for help, or at the DJ booth when registration is closed, or you can directly text or call Tatiana listed below; you may also ask the hotel or venue staff to assist. We promise to listen and to treat you with respect and confidentiality.

Tatiana Mollmann - (310) 927-5530,

We are grateful for your help and commitment to making our shared environment safe for everyone.

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