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Enter with your partner, we pick the music. No costumes or choreography allowed.

Levels: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and All-star/Champs(Scary Strictly).

Age Divisions: Sophisticated(35+), Masters (50+)

Switchly: Lead, Follow, Switch! Requires role switching between partners. All levels welcome to enter.

Jack Jill


The ultimate social dance contest! Enter without a partner, couples are randomly paired, we pick the music. There will be multiple rounds of competition for each division.

WSDC levels that receive points: Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Allstar & Champions

Age Divisions: Sophisticated(35+), Masters(50+)


All - American: Everyone should enter this just for fun contest.

JJ Benj Vic.jpg


This Competition results into a Show in the Final Round. The Prelims are judged based on your social improv interaction with the partner you have chosen.

In the Final Round it changes! It's judged as a choreographed competition based on creativity, performance, showmanship, oh ya... and swing ... lol

Levels: Allstar and Champions Only

To check your World Swing Dance Council Points, CLICK HERE

Door Prices

Full Weekend Pass - $215

International Full Pass - $159

Thursday Night w/ workshops - $25

Thursday Night after 9pm - $20

Friday Full Day - $90

Friday Evening after 8pm - $60

Friday Late Night (12am-late) - $20

Saturday Full Day - $120

Saturday Evening after 8pm - $90

Saturday Late Night (12am-late) - $30

Sunday Full Day - $70

Sunday Evening after 9pm - $20

Spectator Full Weekend - $50

Spectator Day Pass - $20

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