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Enter with your partner, we pick the music. No costumes or choreography allowed.

Levels: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and All-Star

Age Divisions: Sophisticated(35+), Masters (50+)

Switchly: Lead, Follow, Switch! Requires role switching between partners. All levels welcome to enter.

Jack Jill


The ultimate social dance contest! Enter without a partner, couples are randomly paired, we pick the music. There will be multiple rounds of competition for each division.

WSDC levels that receive points: Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Allstar & Champions

Age Divisions: Sophisticated(35+), Masters(50+)


All - American: Everyone should enter this just for fun contest.

JJ Benj Vic.jpg


We are doing it different this year!!!


If you have All Star or Champion points, you can enter. It can be Choreographed or be a free style. (recommended - choreographed)


Sign ups for this competition open on Oct 1st, 2024 12pm PDT & we are limiting it to 12 couples. The first 12 couples that sign up get to dance in this high prize money comp. 

Levels: Allstar and Champions Only

To check your World Swing Dance Council Points, CLICK HERE

Door Prices

Full Weekend Pass - $215

International Full Pass - $159

Thursday Night w/ workshops - $25

Thursday Night after 9pm - $20

Friday Full Day - $90

Friday Evening after 8pm - $60

Friday Late Night (12am-late) - $20

Saturday Full Day - $120

Saturday Evening after 8pm - $90

Saturday Late Night (12am-late) - $30

Sunday Full Day - $70

Sunday Evening after 9pm - $20

Spectator Full Weekend - $50

Spectator Day Pass - $20

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